Leading Iberian banking and insurance financial institution, heir to ”la Caixa” banking business

  • European leader in innovation and digital leadership.
  • Highly segmented business model, based on specialization, quality of service and customer trust.
  • Omni-channel distribution platform with multiproduct capacity.
  • Prestige brand with broad external recognition.
  • Sustainable and socially responsible banking model.
  • Partnership with ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation, Spain’s first Welfare Projects organization and one of the largest in the world.


Investment History

Investment History


Key data

  • €11.0bn


  • 40,02%*


  • 6** out of 15


Data as of August 2020

(*) Data as of 09/21/2020

(**) One Director subject to verification of the suitability by ECB.


Business and segments

Breakdown of loan portfolio and net income contribution from different businesses

Data as of 06/30/2020