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Year of investment:

Aigües de Barcelona Empresa Metropolitana de Gestió del Cicle Integral de l’Aigua, S.A. ("Aigues de Barcelona") handles the efficient management of the complete water cycle, from catchment to drinking water treatment, transport and distribution. Furthermore, it is in charge of sewerage and wastewater treatment services ensuring that this water is suitable for its return to the environment or reuse.

Aigües de Barcelona, provides the service of water distribution to 23 municipalities (2. 9 million people), the wastewater transport and treatment service to all 36 municipalities of the metropolitan area (3.2 million people) and the sewerage service to other 10 municipalities.

Among its infrastructure managed has a network of distribution and transport of over 4,600 km, 5 water treatment plants, 7 wastewater treatment plants, 303 km of collectors and 4 underwater outlets.

  20162015 2014
% Stake 15% 15% 15%
Representation on the Board: 2 directors (2 out of 16).

Note: stakes shown are financial stakes.

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